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Shipping and Return Policy

Items purchased on the™ website (the "Website") by customers / shoppers / bidders / buyers (herein "you") may ship from, Inc. ("") processing centers or direct from third party merchants selling through the Website ("Merchants"). The terms and conditions set forth in Paragraphs 1 through 5 of this Shipping and Returns Policy are applicable to packages sold by [for its own account or] on behalf of a seller for which it is acting as agent (and not to sales by Merchants). The terms and conditions for items sold by one of our Merchants are as set forth in the specific item listing detail. Paragraph 6 of this Shipping and Return Policy summarizes the general shipping performance standards required from Merchants. The User Agreement is applicable to all transactions through the Website.

  1. Shipping Guidelines
  2. Combined Shipping
  3. Damage During Shipping
  4. Customer Pick-up Policy
  5. In-Place Items
  6. Return Policy
  7. Shipment from Merchants

1. Shipping Guidelines uses all reasonable efforts to process and ship orders within two business days of purchase. Order processing and shipping times are contingent upon payment verification.

  1. endeavors to process and ship orders by the end of the 2nd business day following purchase and payment verification. Order processing times may vary, based’s ability to verify and settle payment.
  2. engages the services of Federal Express and the USPS for most shipments. Consistent with the policies of these companies and’s shipping policies:
    1. restricts certain items from shipping to PO Box addresses;
    2. restricts shipment to Mail Forwarding facilities;
    3. restricts shipping to APO/FPO addresses;
    4. will not permit shipments to Puerto Rico or outside the Continental United States..
    5. In the event that you provide an address which does not meet the foregoing requirements, your shipment may be delayed or cancelled.
  3. The term “Standard (5 - 7 business days)” is not a guaranteed delivery time, but an estimate time-frame for which standard shipments are typically delivered by carrier once product has left the shipping facility.
  4. The term "Expedited Shipping" delivery in any listing will be subject to the specific restrictions and practices of the shipping company used by Typically, "Expedited Shipping" reflects a commitment to deliver packages in/or within two business days of ship date excluding weekends and US holidays.
  5. Items designated as "Customer Pick-up" are unable to be shipped via our standard shipping carriers. Please see “Customer Pick-up” policy.
  6. Items designated as "In-Place" are unable to be shipped by Instead, you will be required to pick-up such items as described under In-Place Items.
  7. Delivery Options quotes reflect a flat rate fee that includes postage, handling and material costs associated with pick-up and/or shipment of item. Delivery methods quoted is a per-item fee. Please refer to your User Account order and tracking section for a detailed summary which includes Delivery fees.
  8. Available shipping methods, as well as Delivery fees, appear in the item listing during the bidding process. Delivery fees include any applicable handling charges. Please note certain items (jewelry, watches, and coins/currency sales totaling a winning bid of $500.00 and above) will need to be upgraded to an expedited shipping method which will result in a higher shipping charge being processed. will always charge you the least amount necessary to properly insure your item(s).
  9. Once your order has shipped, you cannot cancel or request refund, with the exception of requesting a return in accordance with the Return Policy below.
  10. You may not use your own delivery method or carrier account for delivery of product that is listed as shippable.
  11. is unable to postpone shipment of orders.
  12. Shipping fees are non-negotiable and cover all costs (including postage) related to order fulfillment. is unable to process special requests such as removal of certain items from order to lower the shipping fees.
  13. cannot place special instructions for the delivery driver on the package. Special instructions include, but are not limited to; delivery at a different address, delivery at unit number; delivery hold at carrier facility. Packages returned as undeliverable for any reason, other than the fault of or our shipping company, will directly charge your registered payment method for re-shipping fees. Reasons for such additional charges include, but are not limited to, change of address, incomplete address information and change of delivery method.
  14. n. Shipping companies impose a charge for each incorrect or incomplete delivery address. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to ensure the complete and accurate entry of your shipping address in to the Website. Please note: Any changes to your shipping address must be made before you place your bid on that item. Any changes after you make your initial bid will not be recorded.
  15. Surcharges on Alaska and Hawaii shipments: Packages equal to or greater than 10 pounds are subject to a $50.00 surcharge in addition to the flat rate delivery fee stated in the auction listing.
  16. For the proper delivery of some items, the shipping company may require a signature. Therefore, when entering shipping information into our system, please provide a shipping address and telephone number attended during normal business hours.
  17. You are responsible for providing a secure delivery address. will, at our discretion, withhold shipment, cancel pending orders, or close your account if we conclude your shipping address cannot ensure safe delivery of product.

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2. Combined Shipping will try to combine orders for shipment when possible. Combined shipment of orders is a courtesy and should not be considered a mandate for order fulfillment. At this time, the following rules pertaining to combined shipment are as follows:

  1. Items presented by and product sold by merchant sellers are not combined and no exceptions or requests can be accommodated.
  2. Only items sold on behalf of law enforcement or public agency can be combined.
    1. only combines items that close auction on the same day and are shipping from the same warehouse.
    2. only combines orders for shipment if the NEW shipping charges are LESS than the previous charges.
    3. will not cross-categorize product for combined shipment.
  3. Shipments are insured if combined value is over $100.00.
  4. Shipping costs are calculated prior to payment processing. Total shipping costs are divided by the number of orders in the combined shipment.

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3. Loss or Damage During Shipping

The shipping process may occasionally result in package loss or damage to an item. Please contact if this happens. Please include the following information in your email: Item number, type of packaging used and, if applicable, any damage the carton may have sustained. If possible, please include an image of both the damaged item and the packaging. Please allow 10 business days for the resolution of your shipping claim. We will notify you of the status of your claim once it is verified and apply any compensation due directly to the funding source (e.g. credit card or PayPal) we charged. In the event a full refund is due, can only credit the total sale amount of that order originally paid to

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4. Customer Pick-up Policy

Items designated as "Customer Pick-up Only" will require pickup from the Processing Center specified by Customer Pick-up hours are 10 AM to 2 PM local time Monday thru Friday. In the event you select Customer Pick-up as an optional shipping method, the item will require pick-up from the Processing Center specified by

The following rules and practices apply when using Customer Pick-up as the shipping method:

  1. processes items in several locations throughout the US. does not transfer Customer Pick-up items between processing centers.
  2. You are solely responsible for noting the Processing Center location for a specific Customer Pick-up item prior to purchase.
  3. Following purchase, the system will automatically send an email to you with the address of the Processing Center once payment has been verified and the item is ready for pick up. If you do not receive this email within 2 business days, please contact Please DO NOT attempt picking up your item until you have received the Customer Pick-up email.
  4. will publish a Customer Pick-up S&H fee in the item listing and directly charge you for this Customer Pick-up S&H fee. This fee does not reflect any shipping costs but instead what deems, in its sole discretion, as a fair and appropriate handling fee for the costs and value of the Customer Pick-up service.
  5. will make items available for Customer Pick-up beginning with the second business day following the purchase and payment verification.
  6. We provide Customer Pick-up hours from 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM local time (Processing Center local time), Monday - Friday (excluding holidays). Holidays are New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.
  7. You do not need to make an appointment for Customer Pick-up, unless specified otherwise in the auction listing.
  8. To verify identity for pick-up, requires that:
    1. You present valid, government-issued photo identification at the time of pick-up. If you would like to authorize another adult to pick up your item(s) please complete the “Authorized Pick-up Person” form. To do so click on the Account tab in the upper right hand corner of the web page. Next click on the Orders & Shipping tab. Click on the link called Orders Ready for Customer Pick-up. Here you will see a button called "Add pick up person". This will open a box allowing you to add the authorized person’s full name. Your designee must then present valid, government-issued photo identification at the time of pick-up. All items marked Customer Pick-up must either be picked up in person or arranged to have shipped within 10 business days.
  9. Common carrier arrangements are the responsibility of the winning bidder. All quotes and shipping cost must be gathered from the common carrier directly. Payment for shipping will be paid directly to the common carrier by the customer and not
    Freighted items will be shrink wrapped and banded to a standard 48x40 pallet. At this time there are no additional fees for our palletizing service however there may be additional charges for prepping items larger than a standard pallet.
    We do not offer crating services at this time. An approximate weight for any item being shipped via common carrier will be 250 lbs unless otherwise specified in the listing.
    The freight company chosen will need to know they can not stack on top of this item as it will not be in a crate.
    You must contact us via email 48 hours prior to the pick up date to allow time for your item to be prepared for shipment. We will need a completed BOL (Bill of Lading) before your item can be released. The PRE-PAID BOL must list the customer as the shipper c/o Please note can not be the shipper of record.
    The BOL must also include the 10 digit item number and item description. It is the responsibility of the customer to complete all paperwork needed for delivery. If there is damage to an item during shipment this must be taken up directly with the common carrier. The Will-Call address for each of our Processing Centers is below.
  10. You must pick-up Customer Pick-up items within 10 business days of the auction close date. IN THE EVENT THAT YOU FAIL TO PICK-UP AN ITEM WITHIN 10 BUSINESS DAYS OF THE PURCHASE DATE, YOU ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE TO POSSIBLE FORFEITURE OF BOTH FEES AND GOODS. For each Customer Pick-up purchase, you agree as follows: "For Customer Pick-up, I agree to bring valid government-issued photo ID and personally pick-up my winning auction purchase from the specified Processing Center, or alternatively, I agree to fill-out and sign a Customer Pick-up Release, allowing my designee to bring photo ID and pick-up my winning auction purchase. Further, I acknowledge that I have read and understood the Customer Pick-up Policy, and I specifically agree in the event that I fail to pick-up my winning auction purchase prior to 2pm, local time, on the 14th calendar following the auction close date, possesses sole discretion of either shipping the item to me and charging my credit card or alternatively taking title to my winning auction purchase, free and clear without liability. I understand that in the latter case, if I forfeit my winning auction, may dispatch my purchase as it sees fit, which includes but is not limited to re-listing for auction, selling for scrap, donating to charity or disposing."
  11. As the Customer Pick-up fee covers the handling and warehousing costs for each items, pick-ups fees cannot be combined for multiple auctions picked up at the same time in the same location. The Customer Pick-up fee applies to each individual auction.

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5. In-Place Items

Some items may show "In-Place" as the only shipping method in the listing description. Such items are sold AS IS WHERE IS and require pick-up from the location specified in the item listing. The following rules and practices apply to items designated as In-Place items:

  1. You are solely responsible for noting the pick-up location and any restrictions on pick up arrangements for a specific In-Place item prior to purchase.
  2. Following purchase and once payment has been verified and settled, will send an email to you with the address of the item purchased and contact information for the seller of the item.
  3. You are responsible for contacting the seller of the item and making arrangements to pick-up the item. This will include a requirement to make an appointment for such pick-up.
  4. The seller may require you to verify your identity and/or fill-out and sign such documentation as the seller may specify at the time of pick-up.
  5. If you are authorizing a freight service or an individual to pick up the item on your behalf, you must coordinate retrieval of the asset with the seller:
    1. THIS WILL REQUIRE A NOTARIZED STATEMENT or power of attorney from you directly to the seller authorizing release of asset to freight service or individual.
    2. Authorized pick-up person or freight service may not, under any circumstances, coordinate pick-up with the seller.
    3. Authorized pick-up person will be required to furnish ID at time of pick-up.
  6. You acknowledge and agree that you are solely responsible for providing adequate equipment, mode of transportation and other means to remove the In-Place item and transport it to your desired destination.
  7. All costs associated with picking up the item are your responsibility. will not reimburse you for any pickup costs for any reason.
  8. You are responsible for inspecting the item at the time you take possession. Once you have taken possession of the item the sale is final and the item can not be returned for any reason.
  9. You must pick-up In-Place items within the period of time specified by the seller in the item listing or, if no period of time is specified in the listing, within 10 business days of the auction close date. IN THE EVENT THAT YOU FAIL TO PICK-UP AN ITEM BY THE FOREGOING DEADLINE, YOU ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE TO POSSIBLE FORFEITURE OF BOTH FEES AND GOODS. For each In-Place item purchase, you agree as follows:
    "I acknowledge that I have read and understood the Shipping and Return Policy as it relates to In-Place items, and I specifically agree in the event that I fail to pick-up my winning auction purchase prior to the deadline specified therein, and/or the seller may in its sole discretion take title to my winning auction purchase, free and clear without liability. I understand that in the latter case, if I forfeit my winning auction, and/or the seller may dispatch my purchase as it sees fit, which includes but is not limited to re-listing for auction, selling for scrap, donating to charity or disposing."

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6. Return Policy

  1. Please see our Return Policy for details.

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7. Shipment from Merchants

In an effort to provide a consistently high level of service and satisfaction to our shoppers, requests that our Merchants adhere to the following shipment and return standards:

  1. Publish shipping methods and costs in each item listing.
  2. Ship items within 2 business days of the order date.
  3. Upload ship notification and tracking information within one business day of shipment.
  4. If item does not ship within 5 business days of order date, comply with a buyer request for full refund.
  5. Publish, or link to, a Merchant-specific return policy in each item listing.


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