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Partners has been selected as the provider of online auction services and platforms by over 3,000 law enforcement and municipalities nationwide, including the New York Police Department (NYPD) and the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), and has many relationships with associations and other organizations that help support our efforts.


  • Albuquerque PD
  • Baltimore PD
  • Boston PD
  • Cambridge PD (MA)
  • Broward County Sheriff (FL)
  • Cincinnati PD
  • Fargo PD
  • Houston PD
  • Indianapolis PD
  • Chicago PD
  • King County Sheriff (WA)
  • Lexington PD (KY)
  • Los Angeles PD, LAPD
  • New York PD, NYPD
  • New Orleans & City Surplus
  • San Diego PD
  • San Francisco PD
  • Seattle PD
  • Sacramento County Sheriff
  • Tampa PD
  • Bolingbrook Fire Dept (IL)
  • Coral Springs Fleet (FL)
  • Fairfax Public Schools (VA)
  • Fort Lauderdale Parks Dept
  • Jupiter IT Surplus (FL)
  • Murrieta Fire Dept (CA)
  • NY - NJ Port Authority
  • Olympia Fire Dept (WA)
  • St. Louis County Surplus
  • Torrance City Surplus (CA)