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Return Policy

Origin and Condition of Items

The majority of items auctioned by Property Room on the Website derive from law enforcement agencies and other governmental agencies. Typically seized, forfeited, or found, you should consider such items "used" unless otherwise noted.

A description and picture accompany each auction listing. Any such description represents Property Room’s good faith opinion of the condition or other characteristics or properties of the item, based upon a visual inspection of the item and such other activities deemed appropriate by Property Room. While Property Room endeavors to accurately describe and portray each item, such assessment is subjective in nature and Property Room’s opinion concerning the condition or other characteristics or properties of an item is not a representation or warranty. Property Room does not own or use the vast majority of goods auctioned, and as a result can not supply the type of information you might expect from a manufacturer or owner. Accordingly, an assessment by the purchaser or any third party of the condition of the item may not match Property Room’s opinion.

Do not make assumptions regarding any features, functionality or additional parts not pictured or described. In addition, note that the original manufacturers for all items listed for auction may consider the item old or out-of-date and therefore no longer supported. We can not accept return requests in these occurrences.

All communications related to any item purchased in a transaction must be directed to Property Room and not the manufacturer of the item.

Your Responsibility

You assume responsibility for auctions you have won. Property Room will generally only accept returns if it made a manifest error, such as shipping the wrong item or shipping the incorrect quantity of items or if Property Room determines that the item sold is Prohibited Property (as defined in the User Agreement). Property Room may, in its discretion, accept certain other returns, provided that a 15% restocking fee may apply to such discretionary terms and Property Room will not approve discretionary returns of the following items under any circumstances: (1) any item with a condition rating of "Fair" or lower, (2) trading/sports cards, coins and other "loose" collectables, or (3) any item identified in the listing as "Untested". With respect to discretionary returns, Property Room May change the criteria upon which it determines whether to accept a discretionary return and no practice or course of conduct shall create any obligation on the part of Property Room to accept any return other than for manifest error or Prohibited Property.

To initiate a return request, you must complete a Return Goods Authorization (RGA).

Return Goods Authorization (RGA) Rules

You must understand and adhere to the following guidelines when requesting a RGA.

  1. Property Room will refuse and return, at your expense, any item delivered to Property Room without an RGA number clearly written on the outside of the box.
  2. You must initiate the RGA within ten days of the date of the invoice.You may obtain the RGA from our Customer Service Department as follows:
    • Obtain the item listing number for the requested return.
    • contact Be sure to include the item and or listing number and a detailed reason for your return request. Someone will respond to you within 48 business hours.
    • Property Room reserves the right to refuse to issue an RGA number if it determines that the request return does not have merit.
  3. Once you have received an RGA from Property Room, your RGA number will expire 15 days after date of issue.
  4. If you receive a shipping company Call Tag:
    • Please place the item in its original packing and clearly print the RGA number on the side of the box.
    • To ensure proper credit, include a copy of the confirmation emailed to you following your purchase.
    • The shipping company will typically make three attempts to pick-up an item. If these attempts prove unsuccessful, you are responsible for arranging return shipment.
  5. Allow sufficient time for your item to be delivered to Property Room (five days by Ground or Priority Mail).
  6. Property Room will attempt to verify the claim after receiving the item in its processing center. If unable to verify your claim or if we determine that the return is not merited for any reason, we will deny the claim and return the item to you.
  7. If Property Room approves your claim, Property Room will, at its option, repair the item or apply a credit to your credit card. Please allow 10 business days to process the credit.

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