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Property & Evidence Disposition and Auction Services

Auction your property & evidence items with complete chain of custody tracking.

We’ll handle everything from property & evidence item pick-up & evaluation to auctioning and post auction accountability.


Firearms Auction Services

Auction seized, unclaimed, and service firearms.

Earn more from bidders nationwide than by selling/trading at your local dealer or local auctions.


Vehicle & Equipment Auction Services

Haul away assets to our partner’s yard or auction oversized assets in place.

Choose from our haul-away options, or sell vehicles and equipment in-place.


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What is the value of membership with Sourcewell?

  • Contracts competitively solicited on your behalf
  • Formal contracting process satisfied – avoids duplication
  • Reduced vendor protests
  • Sourcewell publicly elected board awards contracts
  • Sourcewell is a government entity
  • Sourcewell staff are public employees
  • Function as their own lead agency
  • No-cost, liability or obligation membership
  • Life cycle cost efficiencies
  • Nationally leveraged volume pricing
  • Saves time and money
  • Eliminates low-bid, low-quality issues

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