Reseller Program
Planning to resell the products you purchase? Want to not be subject to sales or use tax?
You may qualify for's Reseller Program
Reseller Program
What is the Reseller Program?

If you plan to resell the products you purchase from and have a valid resale certificate, your purchase could qualify to be exempt from sales or use tax if the proper documentation is provided to

What is a Resale Certificate and how do I get one?

Resale certificates are used by purchasers, when acquiring property for resale in its present form or as components of other property.

States that allow for resale exemptions either accept a state issued resale certificate or, in some cases, a multi-state certificate. A business which is registered for sales and use tax can use a resale certificate only when the merchandise being purchased is to be resold by the business.

A business cannot use a resale certificate to purchase merchandise that they will use and consume in the conduct of business. Any merchandise obtained upon resale certificate is subject to sales and use tax if it is used or consumed by the purchaser in any manner, and must be reported and the tax paid thereon direct to the appropriate jurisdiction.

If you do not have a resale certificate but believe you qualify to receive one, contact your state or local sales and tax comptroller department to request the documentation.

How do I Enroll?
  1. Determine if you qualify for the Reseller Program:
    • Are the products you plan to purchase going to be used only for resale?
    • Do you have a current and valid resale certificate following your state's requirements?
    • If yes to both questions, you may qualify!
  2. Email a PDF of your current and valid resale certificate(s) and any other required documents to for review and approval.
    • Important Notes:
    • Certificates must be completed in their entirety, including your signature and date.
    • Failure to include the appropriate "LLC" or "Inc." distinction in the seller names result in rejection of your certificate(s).
    • Be sure to indicate both the official name associated with your tax identification number and your trade name if applicable.
  3. We will notify you of approval or denial via email within three (3) business days.
  4. Once approved, all future purchases you make for resale from will not be subject to sales tax.

How do I Stay Qualified?

We require that you provide us with your updated, current and valid resale certificate on a periodic basis in accordance with state laws.

It is your sole responsibility to ensure that your certificate remains updated and valid and to pay any taxes or penalties due as a result of not maintaining an updated and valid certificate.

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