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Lee Man Fong, Attributed: Two Carp

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 Lee Man Fong, Attributed: Two Carp

Lee Man Fong (Chinese, 1913-1988) Attributed: Two Carp. Oil on board, stamped with the artis's seal, framed.

Lee Man Fong was a celebrated Southeast Asian painter whose impressive career began with his earliest oil painting at age sixteen titled Shuang-lin Ch'an Monastery and ended with his final work in 1988 titled Peace Forever, the year of his death at age 75. Fong's works have been and continue to be extremely popular at auction for their contrast and integration of traditional Chinese methods and modern European details.

64.25 x 25 inches framed ; 48 x 23.75 inches board.

Private collection, Madison, Wisconsin, USA.

Very good condition, light layer of surface grime; mat burn; frame is aged.

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