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Win With Proxy Bidding

Learn everything you need to know about setting a Proxy Bid on!

Bid even while you're away and never miss a deal you love. Let ProxyBid place bids for you without going over your maximum bid.

The goal is to win an auction at the lowest successful price. Okay. So you've found the item you've been hunting for - now how are you going to make sure you win the auction? Easy! It all starts by simply clicking on the "Bid Now" button.

Let the computer bid for you! Decide how much is the maximum amount you would be willing to pay for an item and just enter it into the "Set your Maximum Bid" field. Our system will bid the lowest amount possible for you to win, never exceeding this maximum amount that you have set.

Auction have a reserve price? Your ProxyBid (if at or above the reserve price) will automatically bid the reserve price so you will be winning the auction. Your ProxyBid (if less than the reserve price) will automatically bid your maximum amount, but you will not yet be winning as the reserve price has not been met.

And then click on the "Place Your Bid" button and you have placed your ProxyBid. With this in place in the auction, if someone else enters a higher bid than your CURRENT bid amount, our website will continue to bid for you, up to your maximum bid amount. How cool is that!

See. It's that simple, easy and fun!

And the best part is, by utilizing the Proxy Bidding system with all of your auctions, you'll never lose an auction again for less than you were willing to pay!