| Contactless Customer Pick-Up Process

Contactless Customer Pick-Up Process

IMPORTANT: FACE COVERING REQUIRED – in order to pick-up your item(s) we are requiring that all customers wear face coverings covering their nose and mouth. Our staff will also be wearing face coverings.

Pickup Appointments are REQUIRED – Need to set a pick-up appointment? See below for links to set an appointment at your Processing Center.

When you arrive at the Processing Center for your appointment, please follow these procedures for contactless pick-up:

  1. Call the provided phone number to alert the staff you have arrived. Do not exit your vehicle.
  2. A staff member will walk up to your closed driver’s side window. Please show your driver’s license to be photographed for verification and our records, if you are a new customer.
  3. A staff member will bring your item(s) to a designated area, back up 6 ft+, and leave your Customer Pick-Up Release Form for you to review and sign. We will either call or text you to advise that your item is ready to pick-up.
  4. At this time, please exit your vehicle, review, sign your paperwork, and claim your item(s). If there is an issue, please call the number provided to discuss.
  5. Place your paperwork in the provided box.

**Be prepared to load your own item(s) and be sure your vehicle is large enough to house what is being picked up. Processing Center staff cannot assist with loading due to COVID-19 social distancing guidelines.**

Need to set a pick-up appointment?
Click here for our Farmingdale, NY Processing Center
Click here for our Ontario, CA Processing Center
Click here for our Memphis, TN Processing Center

Please make sure you are adhering to any Travel Restrictions for NY, CA, and TN. If you have visited a state that NY, CA, or TN has Travel Restrictions for please contact us to reschedule your pick up to after any required quarantine period. We may ask if you have visited any states that are on a Travel Restriction list when you arrive, and if so we may require rescheduling of your pick up until after any required quarantine period.