Where Does This Stuff Come From

Where Does This Stuff Come From

Want to know how Property Room gets their merchandise?

The majority of Property Room auctions come from the 2,800 (and counting) police departments, county sheriffs, state police and other municipal agencies (airports, fire and marine departments, municipal fleets) nationwide that have entrusted us with managing their auctions. These clients are required, by law, to sell seized, recovered, found, and unclaimed personal property at public auction. In fact, if you've ever wondered about our funny name, it comes from the fact that cops safeguard all these kinds of goodies in the Property & Evidence Room.

We manage the entire internet auction process for our clients, beginning with the pick-up of items for auction and ending with delivery to online shoppers.

Several years after Property Room started, we also started being contacted by liquidators and wholesale merchants. Motivated by the fact that we could bring more deals to our one million plus customer base we allowed a select few, hand picked Trusted Merchants to sell on our site. This brought more quality goods derived from store close-outs, canceled orders, and over-stock product directly to you. You would not believe the amount of quality merchandise getting liquidated. The fun never ends.

Add it all together, and you get the hundreds of new auctions that go live on PropertyRoom.com every single day!

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