Rare Find - 1922 $50 Gold Certificate

1922 $50 Gold Certificate

We’ve got a rare find to share with all of the PropertyRoom.com bidders
– and for our coin and currency lovers, this is a very special auction.

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1922 $50 Gold Certificate1922 $50 Gold Certificate

Coming soon on our site, we’ll be listing a 1922 $50 Gold Certificate, a unique item. Actually the first one we believe we’ve seen here. Place your bids carefully, and it could very well be yours.

1922 $50 Gold Certificate

Just the facts...

  • Denomination is a fifty dollar bank note

  • Gold certificate

  • Ulyssess Grant is featured as the portrait

  • Last "large size" $50 gold certificate issued by the United States

As always, you don’t have to take our word on any of this. For this PropertyRoom.com Rare Find, we’re running a preview before the auction goes live. So go take a look, read a bit, check out the photos – the preview will be open from July 9th to July 15th, with the listing going live shortly thereafter.