Invacare Storm TDX3 Power Tilt Wheelchair
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Pick-up for this item is available at our warehouse in Memphis, Tennessee

Storm TDX3 provides

  • Power Tilt for positioning and pressure relief. 
  • Center wheel drive maneuverability
  • SureStep and Stability Lock technology to negotiate thresholds and transitions up to three inches while maintaining all six wheels on the ground.
Item exhibits scratches, scuffs, dirt and wear.  Does not include head or leg attachments.  Battery would not charge.  Could not be tested due to lack of battery. Item is 23x39x28 inches and weighs approximately 250+ lbs.  For freight shipping, consult or similar company. 
just a buck

Condition: Untested - Sold as-is

Please Note: Item is untested and may require repair. Item is sold "As Is" and is not returnable.

Due to size or weight, or other reason, this item requires special handling (with a $9.95 fee) and cannot be sent via FedEx.
Your delivery options:
1. It may be picked up in person at our
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2. It may be sent via common carrier (freight costs can start at $150 and up) from our Orlando, FL location. The winning bidder is responsible for all common carrier arrangements, crating costs and shipping charges. Winning Bidders should email customer service for other special procedures and options.

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